Reasons To Blog

There are countless blogs in the wide world of the web, in that vast blogosphere out here. Why should I add yet another? Well, blame Abraham Piper. On March 31, 2008, he wrote a little post on the Desiring God blog on 6 Reasons Pastors Should Blog.  Here they are:

1) Pastors should blog to write.
2) Pastors should blog to teach.
3) Pastors should blog to recommend.
4) Pastors should blog to interact.
5) Pastors should blog to develop an eye for what is meaningful.
6) Pastors should blog to be known (not as in fame, rather, to be known as a person, not just a pastor).

(read the whole thing)

As a person with “Input,” “Learner,” and “Intellection” in my StrengthFinders profile, I’ve always wanted to start a blog for some of these very reasons. Further, I enjoy the opportunity to write, and have wanted to bless my flock beyond Sunday morning teaching times.

So, this blog is born. Its goals will be at least these six reasons. It will also provide an opportunity to share some things that regularly are on the sermon “cutting room floor,” provide suggestions for further sermon application, give ideas for how to prepare for the upcoming Sunday sermon, and publish musings on our fighter verses and Bible reading plan at Calvary.

The main people I am writing for are the beloved at Calvary Community Church where I serve as Pastor for Preaching and Vision. I ask your patience with me ~ I am obviously a new, and therefore, very green blogger. Above all, I hope it to be a place where we consider how to grow in the grace and knowledge of our preeminent Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and meditate on the glory of his Gospel.


2 thoughts on “Reasons To Blog

  1. I am glad that you started a blog. Carl and I have been impacted greatly by your teaching on Sunday mornings and we look forward to seeing what God is doing in your life day to day.

    Be blessed today.


  2. Pastor Matthew–
    We are looking forward to your future blogs. It will help us keep in contact with Calvary since the communte to church is a bit much for us right now. We admire you for additional effort a blog requires but it will better aquaint us with you and your thought process. God’s blessing to your new adventure.

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