Do You Want A Friend?


We just bought this book for “the boys” (how we affectionately refer to Ezra, 5, and Nehemiah, 3).  You can browse the book online for free, and then you can buy it.

A friend of mine, Thabiti Anyabwile, recently wrote of this book:

1. I appreciated that every aspect of friendship highlighted in the book pointed to the Savior and to a specific passage of Scripture highlighing His character.

2. I appreciated that most of the faces in the book are some shade of brown. You can read this book with every ethnicity or phenotype and the reader can see themselves in it.

3. I appreciated that the main family was an intact brown family. Don’t see that enough in children’s books.

4. I appreciated that this brown family was socially and economically mobile.

5. I appreciated that people with disabilities are plentifully included–even in the background family photos hanging on the walls.

6. I appreciated that tears and empathy are taught in the book.

7. I appreciated that people of every age play meaningful parts in the book.

8. I appreciate that the book not only points to Jesus as Friend, but to Jesus as the only Savior, Friend of sinners. That it ends with the gospel and doesn’t shy away from telling children that sin is dangerous but Jesus is greater.

9. I appreciated the hymn that concludes the book, “One There Is, Above All Others.” The book ends in doxology. Praise the Lord!

Thank you Noel and Crossway for this wonderful addition to Titus’ library and our reading time with him. Thank you for making the gospel plain to children with out making it childish. Praise the Lord.


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