Carl and Angel

We have been given a wonderful gift.  A family we’ve really grown to love, and who has already loved us in so many ways.  They’ve also taught us about the love of Christ, and the Gospel.  I’ve told you about them before.  Their names are  Carl and Angel Larsen, and they have three beautiful girls.  And, they want that family to grow.

It is the way they want that growth to happen that is so remarkable, and beautifully reflects the love of the Father and the image of Jesus Christ.  They want to adopt two boys from Africa.  They deeply long to welcome them as their own children into a loving, God-exalting, Christ-glorifying, Spirit-filled, Bible-saturated home.  So that they too would one day know Jesus.  I love them for this.  I pray God would give them the desire of their hearts, and I pray their passion would spread like wildfire in the church family our families call home.

You can be a part of helping them in this call of God on their lives, and I want you to prayerfully consider doing so.  Head to Angel’s website, and purchase some of the great products she makes.  Here is another way – stop right now and pray that God would give them everything they need, and that the boys would join them, and us, soon.  You ask for something the Father would give with joy, because as his child, in Christ, you were adopted too (Gal. 4:5, Eph. 1:5).

Angel posted this video on her website today.  Be moved.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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