A Self-Proclaimed Atheist Switches To Pro-Life

I can’t remember where I heard about this, but recently, a self-proclaimed atheist who is also a journalist with the Denver Post recently wrote about his switch from a Pro-Choice position to Pro-Life.  David Harsanyi writes:

I know I’ve changed my views.

After a life of being pro-choice, I began to seriously ponder the question. I oppose the death penalty because there is a slim chance that an innocent person might be executed and I don’t believe the state should have the authority to take a citizen’s life. So don’t I owe an nascent human life at least the same deference? Just in case?

You may not consider a fetus a “human life” in early pregnancy, though it has its own DNA and medical science continues to find ways to keep the fetus viable outside the womb earlier and earlier.

But it’s difficult to understand how those who harp about the importance of “science” in public policy can draw an arbitrary timeline in the pregnancy, defining when human life is worth saving and when it can be terminated.

The more I thought about it, the creepier the issue got.

It is a fascinating article.  I pray that God would create many more “conversions” like this for the sake of the millions being murdered in this country, every day.



One thought on “A Self-Proclaimed Atheist Switches To Pro-Life

  1. Dad,
    I don’t get how Oboma could say that abortion is o.k. when he has kids of his own. I wish God would “make him see”. I can’t bare the thought of all those babies dieing. 😦

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