Children and Silence

Ah, you read that and thought it would be about how to keep kids quiet, didn’t you?  Gotcha!

No, what this is really about is the need for children to enjoy times of silence and solitude – which goes for all the adults out there as well.  My friend Justin Taylor pointed to an article by Al Mohler arguing for us to care about this for our children.  In reflecting on an essay by Susan Hill, he points out that most children today are subjected to a constant barrage of noise.  Instead of accepting this state of affairs, parents should ensure their children are exposed to the delights of silence.

Taylor quotes Mohler quoting Hill:

If children do not learn to focus and concentrate in a pool of quietness, their minds become fragmented and their temperaments irritable, their ability to absorb knowledge and sift it, grade it and evaluate it do not develop fully. Reading a book quietly, watching a raindrop slide slowly down a windowpane or a ladybird crawl up a leaf, trying to hear the sound of a cat breathing when it is asleep, asking strange questions, such as, “Where do all the colors go at night?” and speculating about the possible answers — all of these are best done in silence where the imagination can flourish and the intricate minutiae of the world around us can be examined with the greatest concentration.

I encourage you to read both Mohler and Hill.


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