Fire and Lake (NOT Lake Of Fire)

A couple more pics for you [below].  One is from Friday when we were at Pam and Dwayne’s (see this post).  Pam really knows how to build a bonfire, and is about to throw just one more log on.

The other is from yesterday afternoon.  After the morning service we had some lunch with two great couples and their families from our church.  I then drove down to the Lake Minnetonka area, and spent time with Gregg Heinsch and Chris Lent.  I used to serve on staff with them at Celebration Community Church, and I am still connected in the area of Vision 360 and Church Planter Training.  These are two of the most important friends and colleagues in my life, and it was SO good to have around three hours with them (thanks to another friend, Paul Larsen, for a great boat ride on the lake) as they travel from Orlando, to Ames, IA, and then to Hudson, WI before heading back home.

One other note on the afternoon.  Jonny and Emily Weaver (another couple from church and close friends) stopped by just as I got home and dropped off some great rocks for a new fire pit in the back yard.  Thanks Weavers!

Now, why would I reflect on this here?  To express my thanksgiving to GOD for the people he has placed in our lives.  In just three days, I have experienced the deep blessing of God’s people, enriching our lives with their friendship, laughter, insight, service, and conversation.  These interactions are not small things, they are glorious things.  I love each and every one of these people; they are precious to God, and precious to us.  It brings to mind a well-known text:

Acts 2.42  All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper), and to prayer.  (NLT-SE)

That word there, “fellowship,” has a meaning of “a close relationship involving mutual interests and sharing.”  It is the blessing given to me in these dear friends, and so many others.  Take some time today and consider a few of the close relationships that God has given to you.  Pray for them.  Thank God for them.  It will give him glory and bring you increased joy.

Here are the pics:



Gregg (L) and Chris (R) on Lake Minnetonka

Gregg (L) and Chris (R) on Lake Minnetonka


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