What Pastors Wish You Knew About Them

Before I entered into paid pastoral ministry, I was in the business world for 12 years.  I’ve now been in this pastoral world for around five years, with just shy of two of those as the Pastor for Preaching and Vision (the “senior” pastor role) at Calvary Community Church.  Andy Naselli has just posted an incredibly helpful view into the life of a pastor.  I can agree with each of these categories.

I recommend that you follow the links for Part 1 and Part 2 to benefit from the full articles.  He closes with the recommendation to consider these things, and pray for your pastor.  Andy provides a good overview:

Dan Burrell, a former pastor, offers what he calls “some things that I’m guessing your pastor wishes you knew about him” (part 1part 2).

He lists ten main points:

  1. Bible college and seminary weren’t enough.
  2. Good sermon preparation takes time.
  3. His family is important too.
  4. Be kind if you have a criticism.
  5. Give your pastor time to grow.
  6. Your pastor probably views you differently than you view him.
  7. Pastors sometimes find it difficult to have friendships.
  8. Your pastor may well be different out of the pulpit than when he’s in the pulpit and that doesn’t necessarily make him a hypocrite.
  9. Your pastor has bills too.
  10. Your pastor loves the work of the ministry.

2 thoughts on “What Pastors Wish You Knew About Them

  1. Pastor Matthew,
    You are a blessing to our church family! We will continue to pray for you and your family. Thanks for sharing this article. We are still really meditating on Sunday’s sermon…life changing!

    • Chelie, Thank you for your kind comment and encouragement. It is a joy to serve at Calvary, and a blessing to be a part of your prayers. May God continue to use his Word in your life, for a rich and blessed week. Pastor Matthew

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