Note To Self: Sing!

My friend Joe Thorn has posted a wonderful reflection on why we should all be singers.  Yeah, even those of you who couldn’t carry a tune to save your life!  But our musical skill isn’t the point of singing to God.  Rather, it is a way to express an inward, joyful response to the Gospel.  He provides this helpful insight:

It is one thing to tell the world of God’s redemption, it is another to sing of it. It’s easy to parrot truth, but to sing of it – from the soul – reveals how you feel. Song is the natural and appropriate response to the gospel, because it is one of the highest expressions of joy.

So why aren’t you singing “always, only for your king?” Have the mercies of God grown small in your heart?  Is there little joy, little gratitude, little wonder? Do you just not feel like singing? The confession of your sins and gospel meditation will lead you there. Get on it!

Read the whole thing.


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