A Prayer Request

I’m going to do something that could get me into trouble with the most important earthly person in my life – my wife.  You may ask, “Why would you do that?”  Because, it is for her good.  I’m posting a request for her.

My wife is an extraordinary woman.  She is steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the LORD.  Just the other day, my daughter Isabella noted, “Mommy, I just can’t believe how hard you work.”  Amen little girl, mommy does work hard, and she does it without fanfare, without drawing attention to herself, without recognition (which the kids and I should provide more of), and without complaint.

She is wife, mother, homeschooler, pastor’s wife – and that just begins the list!  She ministers to me and our children, so I can minister to elders, staff, and a flock.  I absolutely could not do what I do without what she does, and I think her crowns in heaven will far outnumber my own.

I point all this out because of a few posts recently regarding pastors on this blog.  This is one on a pastor’s wife, and for pastor’s wives.  My wife, and other pastors wives, need your prayers too.  Mary Mohler, a pastor’s wife herself, offered up a beautiful and moving example at the Sunday evening session of the Annual Southern Baptist Convention this past Sunday.  You can read it here.

May it stir your prayers for the wife of your pastor.


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