GOD and Worship

Voila_Capture50Well, after getting up at 1:40 a.m., leaving at 2 a.m., flying to Atlanta to get to Gaithersburg, MD by 3:30 p.m., we have safely arrived.  Had a great time catching up with my close friend David Mathis and making a new friend in Tony Reinke over some good coffee at Starbucks.  What an encouragement to hear about God working in their ministries, and to talk a little theology and family, as well as share a few deep belly laughs.

Then it was on to some great Thai food with Jonny and Chris before heading to the first session for the conference.  Pastor John really brought the Word tonight, and it was a joy to see God use him yet again.  He created some great conversation for the three of us afterward (as well as a new friend, Preston from Mississippi).

Some highlights that we will be stewing on for some days to come, and that will affect and improve the Sunday morning gathering at Calvary Community Church:

Part of our worship must communicate that God never wrongs anybody.  Ever.

[Here is]..the mindset that we must breed into our people’s lives: My exultation in the exaltation of God.  That is the goal of worship.  My joy [expressed in worship] in the glory of God.

When God’s exaltation of God, in Christ, at the cross, is your joy, your joy can never fail.

Finally, an excellent service review question:

What did your people taste in worship?

God is good through faithful, grace-mediating servants.  We can’t wait for more tomorrow, all the while missing our precious families.  We thank God for them, and for the family at Calvary, for letting us come to grow.


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