Great Creation Logic From A 6 Year Old


From J.D. Greer this morning:

This past weekend, driving in our car, Kharis asked me why some people don’t believe in God (a friend’s dad is an outspoken atheist).

Me: “Well, even though it seems obvious to us, some people look at all these things–the flowers, trees, seeds, oceans–and they think that God didn’t create it.”

Kharis: “Well, how do they think it all got here?”

Me: “They think there was a big bang, and out of the big bang all the stuff we see comes from that.”

Kharis: “Who do they think stuffed all that stuff into the bang? And how do they think it all just plopped into the right place?”

I love it, because even my 6 year old (perhaps especially my 6 year old) can see the glaring problem in even the most sophisticated of scientific theories. A. The eternality of a matter is a huge, mostly ignored problem for atheists. B. The priority of information–even believing in natural selection, you have glaring evidences of intelligence that directs matter rather than matter seeking intelligence.

Even to a 6 year old, saying “Nothing x nobody = everything” is a stretch. I couldn’t help but think of the verse in Romans, “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” They miss things that an innocent 6 year old can see.


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