Small Change, Big Difference


Shaun Groves writes about the benefits that he and his wife discovered when they gave up TV.  His concluding point:

Happiness. As if we needed a study to prove it: The University of Maryland (among others) has found that happy people watch less television than unhappy people.  Happy people spend time outside, socialize (face-to-face in the real world), go to church, have hobbies, etc.  Unhappy people sit on their butts and watch other people live…er, pretend to live. (Source) Scientists are quick to point out that they don’t know if unhappy people watch television because they’re unhappy or if television makes people unhappy or both, but either way, it’s not a good connection right? Just because we don’t have cable in our house doesn’t mean we’re perfectly happy, of course.  But we’re happier.

Read the whole thing.

HT: Challies


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