Restful Location, Good Food, & Fast Cars

We have enjoyed our first full day up in Duluth, MN.  We’ve all reflected a few times on what a grace of God it is to have this time away together as a family, in such a wonderful area, and a great place to call home base.

I thought I’d share a couple of pics.  First off, the view from our balcony, lakeside, Lake Superior.


Next off, we decided to try something different tonight for supper, and were not disappointed.  We had a fantastic meal at Hell’s Kitchen.  Isabella noticed that a requirement for getting hired at this particular restaurant must be that you have at least 3 tattoos, 2 body piercings, and hair color in the neon ranges.


One final thing.  Let me be the first to say, that despite some of the temper-tantrums that a cute three-year old (Nehemiah), and a cute five-year old (Ezra) can throw, they are indeed a gift and heritage from the LORD (Ps. 127:3).

AND, they also are a benefit to have around when walking down the sidewalk after dinner in Canal Park when a Lamborghini Murcielago (MSRP: $382,400) happens to park in an open slot right where you are taking a stroll, and their cute little faces tickle the fancy of the owners and they ask if you’d like to sit in their car.

Yup, actually happened.  Thank you iPhone camera.  It’s been a great trip thus far…



Nehemiah gets a seat.

Nehemiah gets a seat.

Ezra gets a seat.

Ezra gets a seat.

6 thoughts on “Restful Location, Good Food, & Fast Cars

  1. We were in Duluth Saturday the 22nd and almost ate lunch at Hell’s Kitchen. Possibly we were slightly intimidated by the title… but it looks like fun. We ended up at the more benign Dairy Queen.

    • Marcie, O no! DQ over Hell’s Kitchen? I know next time you will go for more adventure. They have one in Minneapolis as well if you’re downtown. Blessings today! PM

  2. I just want to say that I had Sunday morning brunch at Hell’s Kitchen in Mpls. Absolutely delicious food – great service – and lots of chuckles about the absurdity of a group of believers sitting around a table in “Hell’s Kitchen”. 🙂 BTW I’m going to reduce this page for Caleb to see that car photo – pretty sweet!

    • Sheri, That is a pretty funny picture! Yeah, Isabella was a little uncomfortable with the decor at times. Caleb would have LOVED being there. BTW – Colton still has the pic on his wall that Caleb drew for him of a cool car. Blessings!

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