Date Day

I love date day with my kids.  Today was a particularly fun one.

Colton and I have three, new, common loves: Starbucks coffee, reading non-fiction about the military, and mustangs.  So today I thought I’d put all three together on a date.

We started by getting a great cup of joe from our favorite baristas at our local Starbucks.


Then we headed to the Barnes and Noble, drinks in hand, and perused the non-fiction military section.  As we both very much enjoyed Black Hawk Down, we picked up In The Company Of Heroes, written by the pilot of one of the Black Hawk helicopters that went down as part of the previous book’s story.  Both share the account of the 1993 battle in Mogadishu.


Then, who would have thought that a car dealership could provide so much fun.  We went to Tenvoorde Ford to take a look at their Mustangs.  Hey, if you’ll never own one, might as well take a look up close at some new ones.

Would you believe they have a 1911 Model-T there?  And we were able to see a Grabber Blue GT6 Convertible.  And finally, one of the salesmen told us they had one of only about 750 of the Shelby Mustangs in production.  We got to see that too.

Mixed in it all was wonderful conversation about life, the Bible, friendships, the Gospel, and prayer.  What a fantastic afternoon.

Thanks God.  Thanks Colton.  Here are some pics.



3 thoughts on “Date Day

  1. What a special time for father and son. Colton looks great behind the wheel of a Mustang. Not too many years before he will be driving. Love you all!

    • Yeah, it really was. He thought he did too, and feels pretty strongly that should be our second car when we get one. Love you too! m | m

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