Judge Knows Best?


Imagine: The day when judges will decide what is best for children, overruling the wishes of parents for the children’s education, and placing them in the environments they think best.

Hard to believe?

That day is not the future, but now.

Dr. Albert Mohler (you should add him to your iTunes podcast subscriptions!) talks about a recent ruling in New Hampshire where a judge has ordered a young girl be removed from a home-schooling environment, and placed in the public schools.

“Wait,” you say, “what reason could the judge possibly have to do such a thing and run rough-shod over parent rights?”

Good question.

The law in New Hampshire foresaw such a question, so it states that a judge can only do such a thing if there is harm or danger to the child involved.  So, what was the harm or danger this judge listed?

The child was exposed to a religious system that was “too rigid,” and did not allow for the “proper” exposure to differing worldviews to that of Christianity.

Pray this ruling gets overturned on appeal, for the sake of parent’s rights all over this nation.  That precedent such as this will NOT be established. AND,

Listen to the program on this topic.


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