What Is Faith?

I have been wrestling with this question all week, as I prepare to preach Galatians 3:1-5 in the morning for the beloved at Calvary Community Church.

I know, it seems like a simple question.  But don’t let its simplicity deter you from understanding that it is one of the most important questions you will ever ask.  For, if you get this wrong, you get the Christian life wrong.  Machen thought it was important enough he wrote a 264 page book about it.

One of the most important books in my life has been Future Grace.  I remember that Pastor John once said, “Books don’t change people.  Paragraphs change people.  Sentences change people.  Phrases change people.”  Chapter 15 in that book was just such a grouping of paragraphs, sentences, and phrases for me.  After a week of wrestling with the subject of faith in Galatians 3, I came back to this chapter last night.

Here is a big piece of what we will tackle in the morning – the nature of saving faith.  Namely, saving faith is not believing in a set of facts or propositions.  (Here it comes….)  Rather, saving faith is the embracing of spiritual beauty found in Jesus Christ.

I am eager for what GOD will teach us in the morning.


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