Two Tales of Ezra


Ezra in Duluth, MN

Two stories about my little Ezra (age 5) from today.

Story One: We have recently let Ezra watch an edited version of Jurassic Park.  So, a frequent game these days has been to play dinosaur.  The game is simple: all the people playing are running from the imaginary dinosaurs that are chasing us down.

So tonight, as we left the China Star restaurant and headed back to the van, the boys screamed out, “Dinosaurs are coming!”  A mad dash to the vehicle ensued.  Arriving at the van, scrambling to get in…

Susan:  Ezra, hurry and get in, they are going to get us!

Ezra:  Don’t worry mom, we’re main characters.

Story Two. Ezra, while always a music lover (like all the kids), is increasingly singing around the house.  It is quite a joy to walk upstairs and here your five year old belting out, “The old has gone, the new has come, what you complete, is completely done.  We’re heirs with Christ, the victory one, what you complete, is completely done…I’m leaving my fears behind me now!!”

If you’d like to learn the song he loves singing, check it out for free here.

Thank you Jesus, for little children.


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