Honest With The Man In The Mirror

One of the smartest plays of the devil is to get you thinking more about your sin than you do about the Gospel.  Shame becomes a wedge driven between you and your Savior.

But that is not how you should deal with the truth of your sin – yes, Satan is smart because he accuses you with truth!  Rather, you should also remind yourself of the truth of your standing in Christ.

Drink in these wise words from Tim Keller:

“The gospel gives you psychological freedom to handle the wrong things that you will do. You won’t have to deny, spin, or repress the truth about yourself. These things don’t make it impossible to know who you are.

Only with the support of hearing Jesus say, ‘You are capable of terrible things, but I am absolutely, unconditionally committed to you,’ will you be able to be honest with yourself.”

– Tim Keller, Journal of Biblical Counseling (Winter 2007)

(HT: Of First Importance)


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