A Great Comfort From The Cross

You know how when you get interested in a certain type of car, you start seeing it everywhere?

For example, my boys (well, me too) are fanatical about Mustangs right now.  I bet we see about 20 of them every time we go for a ride anywhere.

It is kind of that way for theological study too.  Sitting at the feet of Paul in his letter to the Galatians, the constant focus has been grace, resting in the work of Jesus, turning away from the works of the law, and living a life of freedom in the Spirit.  It seems I’m seeing this everywhere in my reading these days.

Case in point:

calvaryHere’s a gospel truth that is just astounding and meant to comfort your guilty, burdened soul: because Jesus Christ perfectly obeyed every facet of the law in your place and then dies bearing all the guilt and wrath that was rightfully yours, you are no longer obliged to obey the law as a way to avoid his wrath. God has already poured out every drop of his wrath on his Son in your place. You are no longer subject to wrath, because wrath is the result of transgression or sin, and sins can be committed only when there is a law that has been violated.

So now, if you’re in Christ, there is no law that you can break that will bring God’s punitive wrath upon you, or, as Paul put it, ‘Where there is no law there is no transgression,’ and hence, no ‘wrath.’ No wrath for you because you’re in Christ, and God has no wrath left for him. No wrath. Not ever.

Elyse M. Fitzpatrick, Comforts from the Cross (Wheaton, Ill.; Crossway Books, 2009), 20.

(HT: Of First Importance)


2 thoughts on “A Great Comfort From The Cross

  1. Pastor Matthew,
    I needed the Truth from this mornings sermon today! The visual picture of how I need to LEAN into Jesus Christ is imprinted in my mind and I desire to LEAN into my Savior like that.
    And as far as this post…you know I needed to hear this as well. With streaming grateful tears, I am SO thankful that He paid the price and saved a wretch like me!
    Thanks again!

    • Your welcome sister. Thank you for the encouragement that comes from knowing GOD is working in your heart through the Word that he provides. What a faithful, compassionate Father we have, and what joy to be sons, daughters, and siblings in the kingdom. Blessings on you and your beautiful family today! PM

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