I am feeling weak today.

I know and am aware of great truths about my heavenly Father.  I can recall beauty and majesty in reference to my great Savior.  I am not ignorant of the power of the Spirit that is mine, sent by Christ.

But I am still fearful.  Still weak.  I need help.

So I went to the prayer bench in my study, and have just risen from that place of wrestling. The load feels a little lighter.

I thought that some of you may need the prayer I prayed, from the Valley of Vision (I’ve modernized the language a little):

O Spirit of God,
Help my infirmities;
When I am pressed down with a load of sorrow,
perplexed and knowing not what to do,
slandered and persecuted,
made to feel the weight of the cross,
help me, I pray thee.

If you see in me any wrong thing encouraged,
any evil desire cherished,
any delight that is not your delight,
any habit that grieves you,
any nest of sin in my heart,
then grant me the kiss of your forgiveness,
and teach my feet to walk the way of your commandments.

Deliver me from carking [causing distress or worry] care,
and make me a happy, holy person;
Help me to walk the separated life with firm and brave step,
and to wrestle successfully against weakness;
Teach me to laud, adore, and magnify you,
with the music of heaven,
And make me a perfume of praiseful gratitude to you.

I do not crouch at your feet as a slave before a tyrant,
but exult before you as a son with a father.
Give me power to live as your child in all my actions,
and to exercise sonship by conquering self.
Preserve me from the intoxication that comes of prosperity;
Sober me when I am glad with a joy that comes not from you.

Lead me safely on to the eternal kingdom,
not asking whether the road be rough or smooth.
I request only to see the face of him I love,
to be  content with bread to eat,
with raiment to put on,
if I can be brought to your house in peace.


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