The Common-ness Of The Lord’s Supper

No, I don’t mean by that title that the celebration of the Lord’s Table is a common event.

Rather, I have been reminded, by an excellent post from Russell Moore, of my longing for more unity and “common-ness” in our celebration of the Lord’s Supper.  I know it won’t happen overnight at our church, but I would love for us to have it look like Moore describes, and I’d like that to happen soon.

From his post:

So why do our evangelical Lord’s Supper services so often look like the clinical communal rinse-and-spit of fluoride at an elementary school rather than like a loving family gathered around a feast table?

Often I’ll preach in churches about the Lord’s Supper and will call on congregations to go back to using a common loaf and a common cup. I’ll challenge the churches to recover the sign of bread being torn, not daintily picked up in pre-fabricated bits. I’ll call the congregations to drink the wine, together, passing along a common cup.

I’m not offended by people disagreeing me on this. I’m just stunned by the reason they most often give for dismissing this ancient Christian practice: germs.

Read the whole thing.


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