Would You Like A Richer Prayer Life?

Then watch this sermon (in two parts, below).

It will increase your desire to talk with your Father.  It will change how you think about talking with your Father.  It will give you a fresh, invigorating, delightful, natural, and hope-producing way to consider investing time in your relationship with God, and his Son, through the Spirit.

Some quotes to tantalize you into watching:

Prayer is the vital pre-requisite for the release of God’s power.

Prayer is fellowship with God…and Jesus says part of it is asking in order to get.

Prayer is not boring, or a dull experience, it is a fervent experience of fellowship with God.

Above all, we can pray and release a power that will change a generation…God is willing to be sought!

God makes promises, and he invites our praying to release them.

Let’s re-discover the incredible power of prayer.

Prayer is a place of a fresh revelation of God that can utterly release you…grace setting you free in sight of heaven…you need a little heaven to break into your soul and release faith..which happens in the place of prayer.

Prayer is not just a friendly time with God, but it is a grabbing, a laying hold of, our Father.

Prayer is the active exercise of a personal relationship…books can help, but prayer isn’t like a cookbook.  Press into the personal relationship with the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.  Come into that privilege.

Keep on in prayer.  When it seems like nothing is happening, keep on.  Don’t be like the naughty boy who goes to the door, rings the doorbell briefly, and runs away.

What a mighty power we can wield from heaven, if we would but give ourselves to it…It is in continuing in prayer, pressing through, that we grow – our muscle grows, our confidence.

Christ actually meant for prayer to be the greatest power by which his church should do its work, and that the neglect of prayer is the great reason the church does not have great power.

Much prayer is not done because we don’t plan to pray.  You don’t do what you don’t plan.  You plan for it, you go for it! It is what we do, we are believers!


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