New ‘Doos

All four of the Molesky men went in for haircuts yesterday on my weekly day off.  Susan and Isabella had already been last week, and both of them got new ‘doos.  Now it was our turn.

Jodi Byberg, the owner of Charisma, has transformed the heads of the whole family.  She made it great fun, and I highly recommend giving her your business.

Enjoy some pics of the event. (No, I am not pictured. Are dads ever in family photos?)



Ezra wanted his hair just like Jonny Weaver (from church).


Of course, so did Nehemiah.


Enjoying suckers, watching Colton get his hair cut.


Jodi working on Colton.


The whole fam looks on.




7 thoughts on “New ‘Doos

  1. I’m sure the reason you didn’t get show your new doo is because you’re saving it till Sunday worship. Ezra and Nehemiah really look like twins. I love it!

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