Carl And Angel Are Headed For Africa



The Larsen Family - They'll never look this way again.

After many months of waiting, Carl and Angel leave today for Africa to pick up the two boys they are adopting, Titus and Silas.  I’ve posted about them here before, and do so again, asking that you pray for them as they travel, and that all the final details will fall into place.  Pray particularly for Angel, as she is very pregnant with little Jack.  That’s right, they expand from a family of three girls, to three girls and three boys.

Today Angel posted a moving letter to the two boys.  A portion:

In 48 hours, your world is going to completely change. I wonder if you will even remember these moments. Will you be scared? Excited? Will your heart be willing to trust us when you have never met us before?

Oh how we have prayed for you my dear little ones. So many people have prayed for you all over the world. You both are a joy and delight in our hearts – nothing will change that. You are apart of our family forever. I look forward to the day when you truly understand adoption and what God has done for all of us through his son Jesus.

May you know that you are loved and have been loved and will always be loved.

I love what I am learning about love, and the grace of God, from my dear friends Carl and Angel.  Go and read the whole letter.



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