As Nice As They Let Me, As Mean As They Make Me


Entrance to Angola Prison

I love that Pastor John Piper goes where the Lord leads.  This week, it was to preach NOT at a stadium, not at some megachurch, not for a conference, but for some prisoners.

He reflects:

I preached with all my heart to those who could fit in the chapel, and to the rest by closed circuit television. G.B. (and three others on Death Row) told me they’d be watching. I pulled no punches:

For 90% of you the next stop is not home and family, but heaven or hell. O what glorious news we have in that situation. And believe me it is not the prosperity of Gospel. Jesus came and died and rose again not mainly to be useful, but to be precious. And that he can be in Angola as well as Atlanta. Perhaps even more.

May we all pull no punches with the truth of the Gospel.  For, all people face the sentence of death, it is just that they do not know when the sentence will be executed, unlike those on death row.

Read the whole thing.



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