Grace Results In Works, Not The Will

The observation below is a precise insight into the human heart.  He brings a careful examination and diagnoses of a short-circuiting of the grace of the Gospel in us.

Namely, if we are not moving toward others in love and joy, the answer is NOT to turn to the will and “gut it out.”  The answer is to do the oft-times difficult and painful work of rooting out the obstacles to the free-flow of grace.

“Grasping the external propulsion of God’s grace is crucial to our understanding of mission. It means that mission is not a duty (something we ’should do’) but a natural overflow of the gospel’s work inside us. If you aren’t motivated to love, serve, and speak the gospel to people, the answer isn’t to ‘just do it.’ The answer is to examine your heart, repent of sin, and discern where your unbelief is short-circuiting the natural outward movement of the gospel. As the gospel renews your heart, it will also renew your desire to move out in faith into the relationships and opportunities God places in your path.

To put it simply, the grace of God is always going somewhere—moving forward, extending his kingdom, propelling his people toward love and service to others. As we learn to live in light of the gospel, mission should be the natural overflow. God’s grace brings renewal internally (in us) so that it might bring renewal externally (through us).”

– Bob Thune and Will Walker, The Gospel-Centered Life (World Harvest Mission, 2009), 46.


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