Love In Action Is The Greatest Apologetic

I am not against apologetics.  I am grateful for men like Ravi Zacharias and John Frame.  It is good to think through how to defend the faith.  But too often I see people in the church far more willing to get in the fight than they are to actually do what is the much harder work of loving someone.

Case in point – what Sandra Bullock experienced in the making of the movie, The Blind Side.

We are hoping to go see the movie on our day off tomorrow.

(HT: jd greear)


2 thoughts on “Love In Action Is The Greatest Apologetic

  1. I heartily agree. It breaks my heart every time I watch Christians laugh at or make a fool of someone they disagree with. I see the end result of this kind of behavior every day at work. My coworkers will not likely come to Jesus because of my clever arguments, but rather as a result of the love they see in me.

    I remember Jesus saying that we will be known for our love (not our clever arguments!) I remind myself of this on a daily basis as I strive to love well those God has put in my life.

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