I think we should be thinkers when we attend movies.  Absolutely.

But, I also think you can be aware of all the things that might detract from a movie (c’mon, what do you expect from James Cameron for a story-line?!), and go and enjoy it for the sheer entertainment value.  That is what I did with a number of guys when we went and watched Avatar.

Here is the thinking part, a good review by Matthew Milliner.  A portion ::

The blue people do it better.

Harmony with nature, respect for food sources, sensitivity to the earth, liturgical vitality, rites of passage, lifelong marriage commitments, horse whispering—all the key ingredients to a harmonious agrarian society. How could one not be attracted to the ideals so beautifully presented in this film? The problem is, Avatar is not describing how the world might be if Wendell Berry were president; it’s describing a world without a Fall.

…Seen not only through 3-D glasses, but through the lens of Lewis’Space TrilogyAvatar emerges not as a defense of Pantheism, an anti-American screed or as a vision of ideals realizable on this planet: Instead, it’s a depiction of Eden.

Read the whole thing.


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