What Is Real Importance?

“Real importance is one thing, apparent importance another. The events which move the world are not always those which men think most noteworthy. The men who most deeply influence their fellows are not those of whom everybody is talking. The currents of thought and feeling which will shape the future are not those which are welcomed by the organs and interpreters of current opinion.

When Christ appeared, the palace of the Caesar seemed to be more likely to govern the destinies of mankind than the manger of Bethlehem. No, brethren, depend on it, the apparent is not always, or even generally, the real.”

—H. P. Liddon, Christmastide at St. Paul’s (London, 1889),  101-102.

(HT: Ray Ortlund)


One thought on “What Is Real Importance?

  1. Yes, so true! Mitch and I were just talking about this today. I was a little caught up in the Health Care Reform Bill and trying hard to balance that with the sovereignty of God when Mitch just broke the whole scale with a thought along the same lines as the quote above. 🙂

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