I Will Help You

I don’t read them every day, but Spurgeon’s Morning by Morning and Evening by Evening sit on my nightstand where they are available when I have a moment I want to fill with a short, biblical reflection.  They are a constant and reliable source of encouragement from the Prince of Preachers.

Let me give you an example.  Here is an excerpt of Spurgeon’s reflection on Isaiah 41:14: “I am the one who helps you, declares the LORD.”   ::

This morning, let us hear the Lord Jesus speak to each one of us:   “If you had need of a thousand times as much help, I would give it to you; you require little compared with what I am ready to give.  It is much for you to need, but it is nothing for me to bestow.

Help you?  Fear not!  If there were an ant at the door of your granary asking for help, it would not ruin you to give him a handful of your wheat; and you are nothing but a tiny insect at the door of My all-sufficiency.  I will help you.”

O my soul, is this not enough?  Do you need more strength than the omnipotence of the united Trinity?…Bring here your empty pitcher!  Surely this well will fill it.  (Morning by Morning, January 16)

How grateful I am for steadfastly faithful saints who speak yet today, though long with the Lord.  And may we, little insects all of us, travel to the great all-sufficiency of a loving Father who stands ready to supply every need.


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