Believe The Gospel

I continue to reap great blessings from Comforts from the Cross.

In this section, Fitzpatrick reminds us that the meditation of our hearts and minds must be no different from that of first century, persecuted followers of Jesus Christ:

When those early Christians faced the chains and the beatings and felt the lick of the flame, the humiliation of the stripping, the mocking, and the persecution, they didn’t assuage their breaking hearts through a rehearsal of their personal accomplishments.  They remembered that God became a man; he died and rose again; he is ruling as the ascended Lord, and he is also dwelling within – their only hope of glory.

What do you need to remember today?  The same thing: the incarnation, the resurrection, the ascension.  Believe the gospel, and although it is a mystery, godliness is yours.


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