This Sunday we will get back to the sermon series on Galatians, diving in at 4:8-20.  I am thrilled about one of the ways we will be kicking it off.

Back on August 16, I spoke in a sermon about the four categories of musical expression we want to represent as part of our Sunday morning worship.  One of those was “non-Anglo music.”  Well, this Sunday we will have a taste of that category.

We have a new family here at Calvary, Desmond and Andrea Glenn.  Desmond is a song-writer, what I’d like to call a practitioner of lyrical theology.  It is what you know as hip-hop.  Desmond has written a song for the Galatians series entitled “Redeemed.”

I am really excited about one of our own expressing his gift in worship of the work of Christ on our behalf, and exposing us to a different, God-given cultural expression of praise.

Here is the track to get a taste before you see Desmond perform it live on Sunday ::


One thought on “Redeemed

  1. AWESOME…I can’t wait to see this performed Sunday! Great work Desmond!! Love the sermon cuts in the beginning and end…AMAZING!

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