I Love Jesus

As I am reading through John Mark’s account of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, my love is deepening for Jesus.

The picture of my Savior he provides is beautiful, attractive, and compelling.  Seeing him more clearly makes me want to be like him.

Take in just a sampling from Mark 1:21-45 – I haven’t even made it to chapter 2 yet! ::

  • He searches out and feeds the people with teaching that is astonishing and amazing.
  • He rebukes and casts out demons from those afflicted and possessed by them, displaying power over principalities and powers.
  • When informed that his new disciple’s (Simon) mother-in-law is sick, he immediately heals her.
  • Due to his spreading fame, the whole city gathers at the door of Simon and Andrew’s home, and he heals many and casts out many demons.
  • He is a man who, in the midst of all these ministry concerns of preaching, teaching, and healing weighing in on him, intentionally rises early to get alone and spend time with his heavenly Father. (1:35)
  • He has a passion for spreading the news of the Gospel. (1:37-39)
  • He does not keep people at arms length.  Rather, he gets up close and personal, he is moved with pity, he personally touches those around him. (1:40ff)
  • He accepts people streaming in from every quarter of the area.

I hope you are encouraged as I am about who Jesus is, and that believing in him, he is your Lord, Master, Savior, Messiah, Redeemer, Counselor, Peace, and Friend.

Now go in joy, and just like the leper who himself was cleansed and made whole, tell everyone about him! (1:45)


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