The Blessing From The Priests

One of my favorite blessings to offer over my children, and over our people at Calvary at the end of the services on Sunday, is from Numbers 6:22-27.  In my Bible reading this morning, I came upon this text again.

Despite my familiarity with it, I felt the grace of God wash over me as I read it.  I am astounded – really, I mean that – astounded that the God of the universe would take notice of me (of us), and purpose in himself to set his name upon us, to make us his children, and to extend every Fatherly grace, compassion, and love toward us.

One of the things I do to further meditate – and worship – when God grabs me like this in the morning is to write.  And one of the ways I try to write is to give a go at a little poetry.

Now, let me be clear, I use that term very loosely.  Any real poet who happens to read my blog will probably (and rightly) turn up his or her nose at what follows.  But, with that in mind, I thought I’d share my “poetic” attempt at pressing this blessing into my heart a little more.  May it serve to bless you.

God’s presence is like sunshine,
He blesses and he keeps;
On you he makes his face to shine,
his grace upon you leaps;
and then your heavenly Father,
whose extravagance does not cease;
turns towards you his loving gaze,
and gently gives you peace.


4 thoughts on “The Blessing From The Priests

  1. That blessing has long been a favorite of mine and I was blessed by your poem. I could feel the Lord smiling down at me as I read it. Love you.

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