The Sunday Preachin’


2 thoughts on “The Sunday Preachin’

  1. Pastor,
    Excellant message on Sunday. Something we all need to hear. One thought though on vs 12 of chap 5 of Gal. The phrase cut off read as emasculate in ESV actually means to amputate in tex rex Greek. which would mean to seperate completely and forever. This would seem to fall in line more with what Paul was saying. Just a thought, not a critism. Thank you for your faithfulness to teaching the gospel. Your Brother in Christ, mark

    • Mark, Thank you for the input and encouragement. God is so good in His Word. And, you bring up some good points that I do recall from my preparation. There are at least three options for understanding Paul’s statements in 5:12. It could be that he is referring to many of the pagan/cultic priests in that context, who would undergo castration as part of their “ordination” rites. In that way, Paul is relating the Judaizers to that lot. Or, it could be connected to what you refer, by way of Deut. 23:1. In this way, he is saying that he wishes they were castrated, and in such a state, they would then be cut off from the ability to be a part of the worshiping community. Or, it could be that Paul is showing that he is extremely upset because of the sinfulness of their legalism, and it comes out in, “As long as you are cutting, why not go the whole way!?” I think you are right, I probably should have brought out more that I think it is a combination of option 2 and 3. In other words, he is making both a spiritual and physical statement. Thanks again for commenting, I appreciate the dialogue, and always welcome any feedback (even criticism). Have a blessed weekend brother. for HIS glory, Matthew

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