Remembered With Favor

I love the church.  More specifically, I love the people of our church.

So it was with ease that I could relate to John Calvin’s reflection on this text.

Psa. 106.4 Remember me, O LORD, when you show favor to your people;
help me when you save them…

The prophet here declares his chief desire is that God would extend to him the love that he bears toward the church.  He might thus participate in all the blessings which, from the very first, God bestowed upon his chosen and which he day by day continues to bestow on them.

Remember me, says he, with the favour that thou bearest unto thy people; that is to say, grant to me the same unmerited kindness that thou art pleased to confer upon thy people, so that I may never be cut off from thy church but will always be included among the number of thy children.

The prophet considers being numbered among the people of God as the summit of true happiness because by this means he feels that God is reconciled to him.  Nothing is more desirable than this. (365 Days With Calvin, edited by Joel R. Beeke)

May we all consider the people of God in the same way as the prophet and Calvin.


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