The Goodness Of God

Part of the privilege of pastoral ministry is walking through difficult waters with those in the family of God.  That sentence makes me sound so much stronger than I feel, for walking with someone means doing your best to bear their burdens (Galatians 6:2).  Often, that is heavy work, and can make you tired too.

Please don’t get me wrong.  This is not about me, not about those of us who are not suffering at the moment.

I guess what I am trying to say is that walking the path with multiple people at the same time has me in a spot these days to see how much hurt there is in the world, how much brokenness, how much pain, how much heartache, how much devastation.  All of it leading back to sin, because it is sin that brought it all into the world.

As we walk this road together toward the Celestial City, there is a real danger.  Namely, we are tempted to try and come up with something more than reminding each other that God is good.  That he is for us.  That he is never against us.  That he is with us.  That he is near.  We can feel like there is something more to reach for, something better, deeper, to say.  But there isn’t.  We need that simple truth.


In God’s providence, as I was mulling such things over, I read tonight on Justin Taylor’s blog about a song written by Jill Phillips called “All The Good Things.”

If you are suffering (even if you are not) :: Please, please, please, go listen to this song.  Feel love wash over you.  Let tears fall.  Worship.  Remember all the good things that our God has done.

Here is Justin’s post ::

For those suffering and/or confused—and I suppose that’s all of us to various degrees—here’s a good song from Jill Phillips on remembering all the good things our good God has done for us and regaining his perspective.

Download the MP3.

The song is from her album, “The Good Things.”

Here are the lyrics:

Every once in a while the world stops spinning enough
That I can take a step back and get the picture
I see the twists and the turns, I see the patterns they form
I see how perfect they are and I remember

All the good things
All the good things
All the good things you’ve done for me

Though the feeling is real I know it’s fleeting to feel
One day I’ll forget you are here and start to wonder
In that season of doubt, You’ll still be showering me
With blessings I can’t see, that can’t be numbered

All the good things
All the good things
All the good things You’ve done for me

Forgive me for my shortsighted look at this world
Where you keep proving that you know what you’re doing

If I could see like you do with your perspective view
The fires I’m walking through would look much different
I’d see those difficult days for who they made me become
And I would count them among

All the good things
All the good things
All the good things You’ve done for me


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