The Wondrous Law

The Old Bible (Chuck Marshall)

Psa. 119.18 Open my eyes, that I may behold

wondrous things out of your law.

Three things ::

First, the psalmist assumes that we will be in God’s Word.  That is a given in this statement.  Therefore, may we go to God through his Word, hear God through his Word, see God through his Word this morning.

Second, part of what drives going to the Word for the psalmist is he believes that there are wondrous things to behold there.  Do you believe that of God’s Word this morning?  Are you expectant?  Go to the Word this morning with certainty that you will behold that which is remarkable, astonishing, astounding, extraordinary, fascinating, amazing, striking, miraculous, bewildering, stupefying, and breathtaking!

Third, the Psalmist knows that he needs help in this.  So he prays.  That is what this verse is – a prayer to God to open his eyes to the breathtaking nature of the Words of God.  He cannot do this alone.  He needs the Spirit of God to assist him.


John Calvin notes:

God gives light to us to see the wonder of his Word, the prophet says.  We are blind to the gospel even in the midst of the clearest light until God removes the veil of blindness from our eyes.

The psalmist confesses that his eyes were shut, making him unable to discern the light of the heavenly doctrine until God, by the invisible grace of his Spirit, opened them.

We need God to help us hear, see, and worship God.  And it is a pleasure of God to hear his children ask such things, and to answer the cry of their hearts.  For he did not provide a Word to us so that we might be blind and deaf to it!

Dear friend, may we – in faith, with our Bibles in our laps – cry out with the Psalmist this morning, “Open my eyes heavenly Father, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law!”


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