Pastor John’s Leave Of Absence

John Piper writes about the leave of absence from public ministry that he requested from (and was granted by) the elders of Bethlehem Baptist Church, from May to December 2010.

Please pray for Pastor John, his wife Noel, and the family as he steps away from the crucible of pastoral ministry for a season.  This humble action only makes me love and respect this friend and mentor more than ever.

I am confident this will bear much fruit for Bethlehem, the Gospel, and for pastors around the world.  For it seems that God always uses his lessons to Pastor John to teach lessons to all of us.  Therefore, I am praying that God will not only answer the desires of his heart, but use it to teach all of us something glorious about sanctified living, husbanding, fathering, preaching, and pastoring.

Watch his announcement of this to the flock at Bethlehem Baptist Church.  I tried to post the video, but couldn’t embed it for some reason.  Go here to view it.

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