There Is An Answer To Your Doubts

“I find no balm for a sore conscience, and a troubled heart, like the sight of Jesus dying for me on the accursed tree.

There I see that a full payment has been made for all my enormous debts. The curse of that law which I have broken has come down on One who there suffered in my stead. The demands of that law are all satisfied. Payment has been made for me, even to the uttermost farthing. It will not be required twice over.

Ah! I might sometimes imagine I was too bad to be forgiven. My own heart sometimes whispers that I am too wicked to be saved. But I know in my better moments this is all my foolish unbelief.

I read an answer to my doubts in the blood shed on Calvary. I feel sure that there is a way to heaven for the very vilest of men, when I look at the cross.” (emphasis mine)

—J.C. Ryle, Old Paths (Edinburgh, UK: Banner of Truth, 1999)

(HT: Of First Importance)


One thought on “There Is An Answer To Your Doubts

  1. I am still amazed by what Christ has done for me. He is indescribable. Just like the video “That’s my King” I can’t describe him and I can’t describe what he has done for me. I just can’t believe that he can love a wretch like me that much!

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