When Despair Leads Us To God

I read this in 365 Days With Calvin yesterday.  Quite providential given Sunday’s Preachin‘.

Joel 2:32 Whoever calls, ‘Help, GOD!’

gets help.

On Mount Zion and in Jerusalem

there will be a great rescue—just as GOD said.

Included in the survivors

are those that GOD calls. (The Message)

God wants us call on him, not only in prosperity but also in an extreme state of despair.  It is as if God calls the dead to himself, declaring that he has the power to restore life to them and bring them out of the grave.

Since God invites the lost and the dead to come to him, there is no reason why even the heaviest distress should prevent access to him for us or for our prayers, for by faith we ought to break through all these obstacles.

The more grievous our troubles, the more confidence we ought to have, for God offers grace not only to the miserable but also to those in utter despair.

The prophet did not threaten general evil to the Jews but declared that, before the coming of Christ, all things would be full of horror (verse 31).  After this denunciation the prophet adds: Whoever calls “Help God!” gets help.

~ ~ John Calvin

There is no situation so grave that can keep us from calling on the Lord and experiencing his salvation. I believe that God delights in saving those who cannot save themselves.  And I pray that we would have confidence in both his power and his willingness to save us when we find ourselves in even the most dire need.


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