Strengthened By The Spirit

Have you ever had the experience of studying something, and then finding that thing popping up in all the various places you are reading?  It is kind of like when we were shopping for a Honda Odyssey many years ago – we started seeing them everywhere.

It is that way these days with the promises of God brought to us by the Spirit.  As I prepare for another sermon this coming Sunday on the Holy Spirit, it seems that no matter what I am reading (connected to sermon prep or not) the writer is pointing me to God’s stunning promises provided by Jesus and delivered by the Spirit.  Promises that should form the foundation for me to live the Christian life.

One of the things this is teaching me is the important role of believing.  Namely, will I believe that the kind of living that is described in the Bible, based on the kind of promises proclaimed in the Bible, is possible in my life and not only in the Bible?

Too often, I do not functionally believe it is possible, so I don’t live a Spirit-filled life.

Micah was a man who believed.  Listen to him ::

“But truly I am full of power by the spirit of the LORD, and of judgment, and of might….” (Micah 3:8)

John Calvin comments ~

Let us then remember the striking example of Micah lest we be discouraged and lest the firmness and invincible power of the Holy Spirit be weakened in our hearts.  We may then proceed in the course of our calling to defend the name of God angainst all the deceptions of men, if indeed we are convinced that our service is approved by God.

Micah shows here that he was not supplied with ordinary or usual power.  As God employs the labors of his servants, so he is present with them and furnishes them with suitable protection. When someone does not encounter great difficulties…only a common measure of the Spirit is necessary…But when someone is drawn into arduous and difficult struggles in serving the Lord, he is especially stregthened by the Lord.

I keep coming back to this yearning – I want a life that is only explainable by the presence of the Spirit.

Part of what that means is believing this promise – when difficulties come, so will the Spirit.  I must cast myself to Him, on Him, and he will fill me up.  If I face extraordinary trials, God will give an extraordinary measure of the Holy Spirit.

God will always – always – give his sons and daughters what they need to live for him.


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