“Give Me The Gas Pedal, Jesus” Syndrome

I’ve got a new top-10 blog.  It is called Stuff Xtians Like, and it is phenomenal.  Here is a sampling from a recent post, entitled Jesus Take The Wheel, that got me thinking yet again about patience (the theme of my sermon two weeks ago) ::

Have you ever felt that way? That maybe God is not aware that the reason your friends appear to be lapping you in life is that he’s driving very, very slowly?

Has there ever been something that made you feel wildly alive but you’re stuck sitting in a cubicle that is so close to the break room that at the end of the day you smell like whatever people heated up? Have you ever wanted to punch the guy who burned the popcorn in the face and take the gas pedal back? (Seriously, we’ve been microwaving popcorn since 1983, how are people still burning it?)

My reaction to just this paragraph:

1) A good, hearty laugh.

2) After 12 years in the corporate world and smelling the burnt popcorn of innumerable co-workers, yes, I admit wanting to throw that punch.

3) I suffer from “give me the gas pedal, Jesus” syndrome.

Read the whole article this evening, and resolve to give Jesus the wheel, the pedal, the car, the road, and the whole darn thing.

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