What Are Your Standards For Sunday Morning?

One of the things I lead every week is a review of the Sunday morning service at Calvary.  I do this on Tuesday nights with key production staff, and on Thursday afternoons at our staff meeting.  Our goal in the service is undistracting excellence, and we talk about how that happened, and how it didn’t.  We cover it all – transitions, sound, the band, the slides, the lighting, the video, the sermon, the timings – everything.

A good friend – who is also involved in one of these sessions – sent me a link to a great article last night after our meeting. It begins this way ::

A few weeks ago, I leaned over to my wife during the middle of church and said, “That transition into the sermon wasn’t very smooth.”


I’m no New Testament scholar, but I can’t imagine Peter ever leaning over and telling one of the other disciples, “I’ve got to be honest with you, the acoustics of this particular hill Jesus is speaking from are lousy. And I don’t know how we’re going to feed everyone here. The production values of this event are horrible. Amateur hour.”

But sometimes, that’s how I treat my church’s production staff. From the sound guys to the pastor to those magical people who make stuff disappear from stage during prayers, I have incredibly unforgiving standards when it comes to church.

To repay that horrible attitude, to make right on my cynical/judgy/whackness heart, I thought I would give every church employee a gift they can use whenever something goes wrong at church.

I call it the, “Steve Jobs did too.”

It was good for me to read the whole thing (it’s short, go ahead, read it), and I think incredibly helpful for the people “in the pew” to read as well.  Pass it along to everyone you know.

This is one of those posts that I hope goes viral.

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