Preaching About Racial Diversity

Last month, I spent two Sundays trying to address the issues of racial and “general” diversity. You can find those sermons here and here.

In the beginning of the first sermon, I give my own testimony of how God began a work in my heart to care about such things, and the large influence Pastor John Piper played in that process. In a recent video, he gives some very helpful advice to pastors about preaching on this topic, even though you may not be in a very diverse context. The advice is just as applicable to the person in the pew, as we all wrestle with this.

Pastor John gives 4 reasons why we should care (watch the video below):

  1. Christians everywhere should have a global mindset.
  2. Distance from diversity tends to disguise racism issues.
  3. World conflicts are ethnically oriented and we should care about them.
  4. To be a faithful expositor, pastors must deal with what’s in the text.

For further thoughts, you can get the book, Bloodlines: Race, Cross, and the Christian, available at Amazon and WTS Books.

May God bring increasing racial harmony in the church, so that it may increase in the world.


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