Accepting Jesus Into Your Heart is Superstitious and Unbiblical


2 thoughts on “Accepting Jesus Into Your Heart is Superstitious and Unbiblical

  1. “It’s a very dangerous thing to lead people to think they are a Christian when they have not Biblically responded to the Gospel.” So what is a Biblical response to the gospel, if not praying a prayer? Can it not start with praying a prayer? What else is it? Does it include works? Does it include fruit?

    • Bobby,
      Absolutely a Biblical response is a prayer (of confession, Rom. 10:9ff). I believe what Platt’s challenge is not against prayer, but what you are saying in the prayer. His challenge is that a prayer like “accept Jesus into your heart” or “accept Jesus into your life” is not the kind of language we find in the Scriptures as examples of how to respond to the Gospel in a way that communicates you have a proper understanding of what you are responding to. Thus, if you are going to respond to the Gospel, or help someone respond to the Gospel, use the language of the Bible. For example, when Peter preaches the Gospel, and the people ask, “What now shall we do?” He doesn’t say, “Accept Jesus into your heart.” He says, “Repent and believe and be baptized.” Do you see the difference?
      Interestingly, we had about an hour conversation about this at Community Group tonight.
      Pastor Matthew

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