Prepare to Worship

When you walk into church tomorrow, if you don’t feel like smiling, don’t put on a mask, cry if you must, you’re with family, not on stage.

– Burk Parsons


4 thoughts on “Prepare to Worship

    • Jonathan, Sadly, I realize this can be true of many in our churches. But I also believe that the only way this will change is, in part, for some of us to have the courage to be authentic.
      Pastor Matthew

  1. Two Sunday’s ago, try as I might, I couldn’t paste on that smile. I finally had to actually leave the service because I couldn’t get myself together. It was nice to hear from my husband that many people asked during the week how I was doing… But I agree with Jonathan that it doesn’t always feel “safe” to be that authentic. And as I said, I even tried to paste on that smile. Felt a bit betrayed by my emotions at that point.

    I also want to say that the freedom to be authentic isn’t just discouraged in many church settings, but in life in general. It’s why we run into people we know at the store after a rough day/week/month and when they ask, “How you doing?” we look them in the eye and say, “Good!” There is a lot of buried hurt out there…

    • Thank you for sharing Kristin. Praying for you this morning, and for so many with buried hurt, that Christ would be their portion, and, that someone close would listen with love.
      Pastor Matthew

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