The Story of Ian and Larissa

This is a remarkable story. May we love this way.

Prepare to see Jesus, and have a kleenex ready…


One thought on “The Story of Ian and Larissa

  1. After several attempts trying to watch the video, both here and on Angel’s blog, I finally headed over to and watched it there… Yes, Kleexex is necessary. Maybe more so for me than some others because the story hit very close to home. My cousin had a massive stroke several years ago. His wife has stood by his side. I knew him as a young, strong man. It’s hard to see him in his chair, unable to talk. I think of all his children missed… especially the youngest who was less than a year old when he had his stroke (she will be 19 this year). Eighteen years later, and we still pray for healing. The dedication and love it takes to stick by someone through a disability such as this when you were married before it happened it immense… to stay, and then marry, when it happens before you’ve made that commitment… wow.

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