Who Will Fix That?

D.A. Carson quotes contemporary thinker and writer, Daniel L. Migliore:

We human beings are a mystery to ourselves. We are rational and irrational, civilized and savage, capable of deep friendship and murderous hostility, free and in bondage, the pinnacle of creation and its greatest danger. We are Rembrandt and Hitler, Mozart and Stalin, Antigone and Lady Macbeth, Ruth and Jezebel. ‘What a work of art,” says Shakespeare of humanity. ‘We are very dangerous,’ says Arthur Miller in After the Fall. ‘We meet…not in some garden of wax fruit and painted leaves that lies East of Eden, but after the Fall, after many, many deaths.’

Quips Carson: “Now you begin to understand the plotline of the whole Bible: who will fix that?

(from The God Who Is There: Finding Your Place In God’s Story, page 42)


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